Could You Guess the Harry Styles Word in Six Tries?

Wordlerry challenges you to guess the name of an English word by using only six letters. Play the game by entering in the six letters on the right side of the screen, then tapping Guess to see if your six-letter word matches the correct one. If your six letters aren’t enough to identify it, you can use up to three additional bonus letters for each guess—but don’t pick too many or you’ll run out of guesses!

If you’re a fan of One Direction and you’ve also memorized the lyrics to all of Harry Styles’s songs, then you may want to try out this brand-new game from Buzzfeed called Wordlerry. The premise is simple-you have six tries to guess a 1D member’s word, and you can use all six guesses right away or save them if you’re having trouble guessing the word in time. So what are you waiting for? Test your 1D knowledge with Wordlerry!

Harry Styles fans, this game is for you! As we all know, Harry Styles likes to throw around his favorite words when he speaks and sings to his fans. But could you guess Harry’s Wordlerry word if he asked you to? This word game will challenge your ability to spell and think on the spot, but with some practice, you’ll be able to complete your 6 guesses in no time flat!


Word guessing games are a popular pastime for people of all ages, but I bet you’ve never played one quite like this.
I’m going to give you six guesses to figure out what word I’m thinking of.
It might take a while, so make sure you’re sitting down and ready to go!
Ready? Set. Go!
1) He was born on February 1st 1994.
2) He is an English singer-songwriter who first came to public attention as a member of One Direction.
3) His debut album self-titled Harry Styles was released worldwide on May 12th 2017.
4) The album has been praised by music critics and debuted at number one in several countries including Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The Rules

To play wordlerry, you have to guess a word. The game is played with one person acting as the question-maker and one person acting as the question-guesser. To start, the question-maker will think of a word that has either something to do with Harry Styles or is simply a random word. The question-guesser will then try to guess what their partner’s word is by asking six questions about it.

The question-guesser can ask whatever they want to, but they cannot use any of their partner’s answers or information that has already been given. So if a question-maker says something like, my dog is called Pancake, it would be considered cheating to then ask do you have a dog? However, if it was later revealed that their dog’s name was indeed Pancake, it would be ok to then go back and ask about the dog.

The question-maker will then either answer by saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or they can ask a follow-up question. For example, if they were asked, Do you have blue eyes? and answered yes, they could then ask back a follow-up like: Did you get them from your mother? If it was revealed that their partner had brown eyes, then it would be acceptable to mention that fact.

The Words

Such kind of guessing words are presented for playing Wordlerry

1: The word has four letters.

2: The word starts with the letter T.

3: The word ends with e.

4: The word is a type of dessert.

5: The word has only two syllables.

How to Play

Wordlerry is a game of guessing a word that starts with H. It takes place over six rounds, and each round gives you six chances to guess. In each round, you are given three letters of the word. The first letter (H) appears on its own in the first round, but will show up twice at random for later rounds. The second letter (O) also appears twice for rounds two through five. The third letter (R) will show up only once for round six when the whole word has been revealed.

If you still haven’t guessed correctly after six rounds, then no more clues will be given and you’ll have to wait until someone else guesses it!


The game Wordlerry is simple, you are given a word, and your goal is to guess what it is. It can be anything from a person’s name to a song title to an object. The number of tries you have is six, but that doesn’t mean that you need all six guesses! We encourage you to visit the blog and make some educated guesses.

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