Selfie ring light, portable clip selfie light with 36 led

Selfie ring light, portable clip selfie light with 36 led


The personal use of the lights is for many purposes because of their utility and their durability. These lights are now officially used for the events for make that place memorable. The lights are available in 20 watts and also available in 40watts. These lights can further be controlled by the remote and you can also change the lights. There are 36 lights available because of the purpose of different places usage. Further, this is capable to use in the Instagram studio also in the events of shoots. You can change the ambiance of the lights with the room décor.

The usage of mostly these lights in the studio room of the personal photography and for videos. Ring lights are most famous in the room of the tik tokers studio for the more bright capture and further detailing. The further use in makeup tutorials and also for the usage of the conference calls. The face time strips are also available for the purpose of built-in rooms for meetings. These are also useable for the purpose of the skype calls in the great rooms and you can simply install them in the room.

Features of this strip lights:

These are the auto- adoptive lights with beads of 288pcs for the auto adjustment. This is the adjustable light that can control the light with the need of the room. Further, these lights are super bright and further used for the purpose of the broadcast. Also, these lights are best for the selfie purpose and for the purpose of makeup settings. The structure of the light is based on aluminum alloy and the light is covered by the heat resistant cover that prevents the heat. These lights are durable and water-resistant and the best thing key feature is these cars are super lightweight.

These lights are super white with the warm lights, the warm lights create the best lights and pure crystal image for better looks. The warm yellow light is best for the purpose of the photoshoots because these are super cool. The key feature is best with the adjustment of the 10 bright lights and you can control them with the remotes. This is available because the room light effects are further available in different trims. The mount size is about is 1.6 cm and you can also adjust them in the tripod for best effects.

Specifications of these lights:

The plug cable length of the light is 110 cm and approx 43.31 inches. The bottom ring interference is approx 1.6 cm and the inches are 0.63 inches. The best light is available in different trims further this is a unique way to get the new interface colors. The price of the light is 7k approx in Pakistani rupee and you can further buy this on lights. You can further place this light on the wall and further on the corner of the floor. The best and unique feature of the light is to increase the utility and usage of the room accents.

Usage of these light:

  • The specification of these lights is quite amazing and you can use them for a long time according to your shoots. Further, the light is based on the 14 inches with full of LED lights.
  • The material that uses in the lights is based on the further aluminum alloy with the usage of the ABS.
  • The color is available in different colors in white, red, yellow, and black.
  • The further these lights are consisting of the frame of 288 PCS on cold and warm light lamps.
  • The light consists of a frame of 3200 to 5500k with the full of its bright clear images.
  • Further, this light is adjustable and the diameter of the light is steeples dimmable.
  • The flux of the lights is 4880LM and the output power of the light is 24W.
  • The input voltage of light is AC100 and 240 volts and the plug that uses in the light is a US plug.
  • The output further voltage is DC 14 volts and the ampere that the light gain is 2 ampere.
  • The three modes of the color temperature consist and you can change them with the remote controls.
  • The light is further brighter and these lights are adjustable.
  • The temperature these lights produce is 45 Degree and the inner diameter of these lights is approx 27 cm or 10.63 inches.

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